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The Twins in Twinspire

We're Jackson and David Casto. For over a decade our passion has been to create videos and tell stories. Over the last few years that passion has become a business with the intent of highlighting the virtues of others. We are here to tell your story accurately and efficiently, making sure that you are properly represented within a short amount of time. 


Answers to twin questions:

1.) Do you have twin telepathy? Yes, because that definitely exists.


2.) If one of you gets hurt can the other feel the pain? We'll test it when we meet you, you can hit David.


3.) Do you ever try to trick people? Lying is wrong, but yes.


4.) Do you have the same birthday? Yup, that's pretty much how being a twin works.

5.) Are you fraternal twins or identical twins? Identical twins, fraternal twins are just glorified siblings. 

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